The cotton we use comes from a centuries old process that has been used for making the best cotton textiles of Japan. This is why a Tokaido uniform, if properly cared for, will actually improve with age and can be worn for as long as 10 years. In fact, we have had many customers tell us that they have used their uniform for more than 20 years! However, it is very important that you follow the instructions below.

It is recommended that TOKAIDO uniforms be washed after every use in cold water with a simple laundry detergent. For the best results, add the detergent to the water and after the machine has just started its cycle, open the lid and place the uniform inside and let it presoak for 20 minutes or longer. Then close the lid and let the machine complete the cleaning.

After washing, immediately remove your uniform and hang it out to line dry. Machine drying should always be avoided. We do understand that a uniform can still become soiled and need whitening. In this instance, add a little bleach into the water at the appropriate time during the washing cycle and be careful not to pour bleach directly on the uniform.

If you follow these steps your uniform will stay clean, become more comfortable and last for many years.

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